How do I become a homeowner at Willow Valley Resort?

Please contact our offices for availability, pricing and further information. 828-963-6551, Ext. 1

Where can I get a copy of my deed?

Copies of deeds may be obtained from the Watauga County Register of Deeds, either by calling them at (828) 265-8052 or by a document search on their website.

How do I change the names on my deed?

A NC Real Estate attorney can assist you with deed changes. The document required is called a NC General Warranty Deed or a Quitclaim Deed.  Once the new deed has been recorded with the Register of Deeds office, simply forward a copy to the resort that includes the tax stamp to us as well as a $100.00 transfer fee payable to the Association of Co-Owners at Frontier Village.

When may I make a reservation at bonus rates?

Bonus rates become available to homeowners twenty-one days in advance of the arrival date.  The homeowner must be the one who checks in/using the unit. A two night minimum is required for bonus rates. *If you chose to stay only one night, you must pay full rate, even if you are a homeowner.

Who is eligible for homeowner benefits?

Homeowner benefits are available for those individuals named on the deed and are required to be present at time of check in. Please note that individuals can only reserve half rates for ONE unit at a time.

How do I put my unit in the rental system?

Homeowners may put their unit in the rental system by submitting a completed Rental Agreement – a separate rental agreement is required for each year/each unit.

When are my maintenance fees due?

Following is the Assessment Billing and Collection Policy of Frontier Village Property Owners Association as adopted by its Board of Directors:

*Access to the unit may be denied for non-payment of maintenance fees.  Any payment not honored for any reason will result in the addition of $25 to Owner’s account.

What dates do my week fall on?

Willow Valley is a fixed week resort. Please see the tabs at the top of the page for specific dates.

January 1st - January 31st (White) February 1st- February 28th (Red) March 1st - April 15th (Blue) April 15th - April 30th (White)

May 1- October 31st (Red) November 1st - Week before Christmas (Blue) Week 51 -Week 52 Christmas - New Years (Red)



Available Units For Sale: Thank you for your interest in timeshare ownership at Willow Valley Resort. Willow Valley Resort has been a “sold out” timeshare property since the late 80's however, we currently have a number of existing owners who have notified us that they have interest in selling their timeshare property. The current listings can be obtained by calling or visiting our front office for more information. *Willow Valley Resort makes no representation to any resale markets for interval ownership purchase. The interval ownership is intended for vacation purposes only and not as an investment. 


Resale Program: If you are a homeowner interested in parting with your timeshare please call the Front Office and ask to put your name in the resale book or submit a completed digital Resale Request form. If you acquire an interested buyer, you should proceed by contacting a licensed NC Real Estate attorney who can assist you with deed changes.  Once the new deed has been recorded with the Register of Deeds office, simply forward a copy to the resort that includes the tax stamp to us as well as a $100.00 transfer fee payable to the Association of Co-Owners at Frontier Village. 

For more information you may contact Stacey Griffin, who is in charge of ownership changes, transfers and maintenance fees, by phone at 828-963-6551 ext. 1 during regular office hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm or by email; wvrownership.nc@gmail.com (email Preferred).


Ownership: Willow Valley is a deeded, unit/week ownership resort. A week and a unit number are listed on each recorded deed. The listed week and unit specify the UNIT and WEEK of ownership being deeded. You will always be assigned the same unit and same number week based on your deeded ownership (unless unforeseen circumstances require the resort to swap you into a comparable unit, in which case you would be notified as soon as possible). Any use of your timeshare estate is contingent upon all fees being current for the period of your intended use. You may pay your maintenance fees up to two years in advance, which allows you to have your weeks confirmed well in advance of desired use. Homeowners are notified of board meetings, budget standings, resort updates and maintenance fee dues through the mail, so please make sure to stay current with our office regarding changes in address, phone numbers, and email.


Annual Maintenance Fees & Property Tax Allocation: (Determined at annual board meeting each fall)

(Annual Fees are due on January 1st  each year; *payment plans offered)


Efficiency: $468.00                                 Property Tax Allocation: $10.70

1 Bedroom: $559.00                               Property Tax Allocation: $12.70

2 Bedroom: $650.00                               Property Tax Allocation: $14.80

2 Bedroom Deluxe: $726.00                  Property Tax Allocation: $16.60

3 Bedroom: $745.00                               Property Tax Allocation: $16.90



Homeowner Bonus Rates: Willow Valley Resort allows timeshare owners to rent units (subject to availability) at a reduced rate if arrival date is within 21 days or less of their reservation date. Willow Valley timeshare owners must call in advance to check on availability and be current with all fees. Owners may only rent 1 unit at the discounted bonus rate. Bonus Rate requires a 2-night minimum reservation. Homeowner(s) on deed must be the person checking in. I.D. is required at time of check in. *See our Lodging page for pricing and discounts.


Homeowner Benefits; In addition to the homeowner bonus rate; as an owner at Willow Valley Resort you are granted the exclusive use (at any time during open hours and normal operation) of our on-site amenities including; free golf (greens fees), use of swimming facilities (kiddie pool, hot tub and main pool), and playground. *Also, upon closure of the golf course (when all flags are pulled) the cart path is open for walking/running-no pets allowed.


Homeowner Usage Options at Willow Valley Resort: You may use your week at Willow Valley Resort for your own personal use, guest use, to enter into a rental agreement, or exchange with a third party exchange entity. Usage of the week is limited to the week/calendar year of ownership. 

1. All fees must be current for the period of intended use. 

2. GUEST USE: Willow Valley Resort must be provided with the guest name, address & phone number prior to the arrival date. 

3. RENTAL*: Subject to terms listed on Willow Valley Resort Rental Agreement Form. All financial transactions in relation to the rental must be handled directly between the RENTER and the RENTAL AGENCY (Willow Valley Resort). Upon collection of rental fees the homeowner is allotted 75% of the total rental amount- which is awarded through either a check (issued from Willow Valley Resort) at the end of the month, or applied to owners maintenance fees. Owner will be required to complete, sign and return the Rental Agreement (each year) to Willow Valley Resort, as soon as possible for best chance of rental. 


Third Party Exchanges: Willow Valley is a participating member of Resorts Condominium International (RCI) as well as Interval International. Willow Valley owners may elect to become a member of an exchange company if they wish to take advantage of exchanging their timeshare week(s) through the exchange program. This enables timeshare owners to stay at other exchange company affiliated resorts or to take advantage of the many other benefits that RCI/II has to offer. To learn more, please visit www.rci.com for RCI info, or https://www.intervalworld.com/ for Interval International (II) information. It is very important that you familiarize yourself with how exchanges work and what the benefits are. 


*If you are interested in the RCI exchange company program, we have summarized the assignment procedures regarding exchange company bookings below. 

Exchange companies offer outstanding opportunities for vacationing at almost any destination; it also offers a variety of vacation related services and discounts. 

Use the following procedure to exchange through the RCI system

1. Make sure all fees are current for the period of intended use 

2. Request through RCI to deposit your Willow Valley unit/week. You will receive a confirmation of the deposit directly from RCI. 

3. When you know when you want to travel, request your exchange week directly thru RCI 800-338-7777, 317-876-8899 or www.rci.com at a comparable resort or resort area. If your desired resort choice is immediately available, you will be notified by RCI. 

4. If your desired resort or location destination is not immediately available be sure to INITIATE AN ONGOING search with RCI. An ongoing search enables the RCI system to continue a constant (24/7) search for your desired destination rather than just searching the few minutes you are on RCI.com or on the phone with the RCI call center. Getting the resort, or resort area, of your choice depends on a series of factors, including how soon you make your deposit to the RCI SPACEBANK and the seasonal designation of the week you are exchanging. Even with a lower exchange trading power you can be successful with exchanges by using such strategies as depositing early and/or using the instant exchange system of RCI. The key is getting to learn the system. NOTE: By depositing 2 years to 9 months before the start date of your week, you can help maximize your deposit’s trading power.